1 1 Dimethyl Pyrrolidinium Tetrafluoroborate (Dmp-bf4)

1 1 Dimethyl Pyrrolidinium Tetrafluoroborate (Dmp-bf4)

Main Domestic Market All India
Main Export Market(s) Central America North America South America Eastern Europe Western Europe Middle East Asia Australia Africa

1,1 Dimethyl Pyrrolidinium Tetrafluoroborate (Dmp-bf4) is an ionic liquid composed of the cation 1,1-dimethylpyrrolidinium and the anion tetrafluoroborate. It has a molecular formula of C7H16BF4N and a molecular weight of 211.02 g/mol. Dmp-bf4 is a colourless to yellowish liquid at room temperature and has a low melting point of -33°C. It is a relatively stable ionic liquid that has been used in various chemical applications, including as a solvent, electrolyte, and catalyst in chemical reactions. It is known for its low toxicity and is considered to be a safer alternative to traditional solvents.


1. Dimethyl Pyrrolidinium Tetrafluoroborate (Dmp-bf4), what is it?

Ans - Dimethyl Pyrrolidinium Tetrafluoroborate (Dmp-bf4) is a cationic surfactant that can be used as a wetting agent, detergent, and emulsifier, among other things. Applications in business and industry are where it is most frequently employed.

2. What advantages does Dmp-bf4 offer?

Ans - Dimethyl Pyrrolidinium Tetrafluoroborate (Dmp-bf4) has many advantages, including the capacity to operate as a potent wetting agent, a low foaming action, non-toxic characteristics, and the capacity to stabilise other substances. Dmp-bf4 also works well as an emulsifier, detergent, and cleaning solution.

3. What possible hazards are connected to employing Dmp-bf4?

Ans - Despite being usually regarded as safe for use in industrial and commercial applications, Dmp-bf4 can be dangerous if consumed, breathed, or comes into contact with the skin or eyes. Additionally, because the product might turn explosive when exposed to specific temperatures or concentrations, care must be taken when handling and storing it.

4. Can Dmp-bf4 be used in food applications without risk?

Ans - Dmp-bf4 has been given FDA approval for use as an emulsifier, detergent, and wetting agent, hence it is widely regarded as safe for use in food applications. Nevertheless, it's crucial to make sure the substance is handled and kept properly because it can explode if exposed to specific temperatures or concentrations.

5. How ought Dmp-bf4 to be kept?

Ans - A cool, dry location away from heat sources and direct sunshine is the best place to keep Dmp-bf4. Additionally, because the substance can explode when exposed to specific temperatures or concentrations, it is crucial to make sure that it is kept away from any combustible items.