Dimethyl Dipropyl Ammonium Hydroxide Aq. Solution

Dimethyl Dipropyl Ammonium Hydroxide Aq. Solution

Price Or Price Range INR
Unit of Price Kilograms/Kilograms
Unit of Measure Kilograms/Kilograms
CAS No 95500-19-9
Main Export Market(s) Asia Central America North America South America Eastern Europe Western Europe Middle East Australia Africa
Main Domestic Market All India
Supply Ability 1000 Per Month
Delivery Time 1 Week
A common quaternary ammonium compound used as a surfactant, emulsifier, or disinfectant in a variety of commercial and domestic applications is dimethyl dipropyl ammonium hydroxide.

When used in reference to an aqueous solution, it denotes a mixture of water and the chemical dimethyl dipropyl ammonium hydroxide. The name's "aq." prefix denotes that the solution is aqueous.

Due to its antibacterial qualities, dimethyl dipropyl ammonium hydroxide is often utilised in low concentrations in cleaning products and disinfectants. It should be used carefully and in accordance with the advised recommendations as it might be dangerous if not handled appropriately.


1. What exactly is dimethyl dipropyl ammonium hydroxide aqueous solution?

Ans - A quaternary ammonium salt called dimethyl dipropyl ammonium hydroxide aq. solution is a powerful germicidal, disinfectant, and sanitizer.

2. What is it used for ?

Ans - Hydroxide of dimethyl dipropyl ammonium. In addition to sanitising surfaces, solution is used to destroy bacteria, fungus, and viruses. It is frequently used in healthcare facilities, food-processing facilities, and other places where hygiene is crucial.

3. Can I use it safely?

Ans - Dimethyl Dipropyl Ammonium Hydroxide Aq. Solution is usually regarded as safe to use when used as advised. But you should never consume it, breathe it in, or let it touch your eyes.

4. What safety measures must be followed when using this product?

Ans - It is crucial to use protective clothes, such as gloves and eye protection, and to make sure the environment is properly ventilated when using Dimethyl Dipropyl Ammonium Hydroxide Aq. Solution.

5. In what manner should this thing be kept?

Ans - Hydroxide of dimethyl dipropyl ammonium. Solution needs to be kept out of the direct path of sunlight, cool, and dry, and away from kids and animals.