Tetra Bromo Bis Phenol A

Tetra Bromo Bis Phenol A

Price Or Price Range INR
Unit of Price Kilograms/Kilograms
Unit of Measure Kilograms/Kilograms
CAS No 79-94-7
HS Code 29093090
Product Type Laboratory chemicals
Grade Chemical
Properties Physical State: Powder Solid Appearance: Off-white Molecular Weight: 543.88
Purity 99.9%
Main Domestic Market All India
Supply Ability 1000 Per Month
Main Export Market(s) South America Western Europe Middle East Asia Central America Eastern Europe North America Australia Africa
Delivery Time 1 Week
White crystalline powder based Tetra Bromo Bis Phenol A (TBBA) is a type of laboratory chemical used for producing synthetic fabrics and plastic paints. This chemical acts as reactive flame retarding factor for polycarbonate. During production of HIPS and ABS thermoplastics, this chemical serves as synthetic additive. Available in pure form, this Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) contains bromine, volatile matter, moisture and iron in precise amount.

Production: Tetrabromobisphenol A is produced by the reaction of bromine with bisphenol A. Most commercial TBBPA products consist of a mixture that differ in the degree of bromination with the formula C15H16 - xBrxO2 where x = 1 to 4. Its fire-retarding properties correlate with %Br.

Tetra Bromo Bis Phenol A Properties:

  • IUPAC name: 4,4  (Propane-2,2-diyl)bis(2,6-dibromophenol)
  • Molar mass: 543.9 g/mol
  • Formula: C15H12Br4O2
  • Melting point: 178 degree centigrade
  • Boiling point: 250 degree centigrade
  • ChemSpider ID: 6366
  • Density: 2,12 g cm - 3 (20 degree centigrade)
  • Solubility in water: insoluble
  • CAS Number: 79-94-7

Tetrabromobisphenol A Features:

  • This compound is a brominated flame retardant.
  • It is highly demanded in industries as a common fire retardant. 
  • A reactive application bonds TBBPA chemically to polymers. 
  • The atmosphere, hydrosphere, soil, and sediment contain trace concentrations of TBBPA emitted from different processes.