Tetra Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide Solution

Tetra Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide Solution

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Tetra Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide Solution (TMAH) is a chemical compound with the molecular formula (CH3)4NOH. It is a colorless or slightly yellowish liquid that is highly soluble in water and organic solvents.

TMAH is a strong base and is commonly used as an etchant and developer in microfabrication processes in the semiconductor industry. It is also used in the production of polymers, surfactants, and detergents.

In the semiconductor industry, TMAH is used to selectively remove layers of materials such as silicon dioxide and silicon nitride from silicon wafers. It is also used as a developer in photolithography processes to remove exposed photoresist.

TMAH is also used in analytical chemistry as a solvent for the dissolution of various organic and inorganic compounds, and as a reagent for the determination of certain elements, such as boron and phosphorus.

While TMAH has many applications in various fields, it is important to handle it with care due to its high alkalinity and potential for skin and eye irritation. It should be used only in a well-ventilated area, and appropriate protective equipment should be worn when handling it.


1. What is tetramethylammoniumhydroxide solution (TMAH)?

Ans - Tetra Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide Solution (TMAH) is a colourless, clear solution of the quaternary ammonium hydroxide chemical tetra methyl ammonium hydroxide. It is employed in the semiconductor sector as a chemical etchant.

2. What features does Tetra Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide Solution possess?

Ans - MAH has a 97 deg C boiling point and a 45°C flash point. It has good solubility in water, alcohols, and other organic solvents and is a potent base.

3. In what situations is tetramethylammoniumhydroxide solution used?

Ans - In the manufacture of semiconductors, TMAH is employed as an etchant. Additionally, it is employed in the creation of photoresists and the stripping of printed circuit boards of their nickel plating.

4. What safety measures should be taken when handling Tetra Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide Solution?

Ans - The answer is that TMAH is an irritant and should be handled carefully. It should be kept away from skin, eyes, and clothing because it is also quite corrosive.

5. Can you get Tetra Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide Solution in ready-to-use solutions?

Ans - Yes, TMAH is offered in a variety of pre-diluted, ready-to-use solutions that are appropriate for use in the semiconductor sector.