Trimethyl Sulphonium Bromide

Trimethyl Sulphonium Bromide

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Buy from us Trimethyl sulfonium bromide, a quaternary ammonium salt with the chemical formula (CH3)3SBr. It is a colourless crystalline solid that is soluble in water, methanol, and ethanol. It is used as a reagent in organic synthesis as a source of the trimethyl sulfonium cation. This cation is a strong alkylating agent that can be used to transfer methyl groups to various substrates. It is also used as a catalyst in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and in the preparation of sulfoxides from sulfides. Additionally, it is used in the synthesis of organometallic compounds and as a phase-transfer catalyst.



1. What is trimethyl sulphonium bromide, first of all?

Ans - An organosulfur compound with the chemical formula (CH3)3SBr is trimethyl sulphonium bromide. It is a crystalline, white substance that can dissolve in water.

2. What does trimethyl sulphonium bromide serve?

Ans - An alkylating agent, reagent for the synthesis of organic compounds, and catalyst in polymerization reactions are all uses for trimethyl sulphonium bromide.

3. What dangers are related to trimethyl sulphonium bromide?

Ans - Inhaling dust may cause respiratory irritation as well as skin and eye discomfort from trimethyl sulphonium bromide. Additionally poisonous when consumed, it can harm the kidneys, liver, and central nervous system when exposed to high doses.

4. In what kind of storage should trimethyl sulphonium bromide be kept?

Ans - In a cool, dry location, away from heat, sunshine, and moisture, is the recommended storage location for trimethyl sulphonium bromide. Additionally, it must be kept in a container with a tight seal, far from substances that react negatively with it, including acids and oxidising agents.

5. How should you manage trimethyl sulphonium bromide?

Ans - Safety gear, such as gloves, goggles, and a face mask, should be worn whenever handling trimethyl sulphonium bromide. Keep hands away from eyes and skin, and wash them well after handling.